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How far are you from VMI or W&L?

We are 1.8 miles from Historic Lexington, VMI and W&L. 

How should we book with you?

AirBnB links have been provided next to each room description.


We shall soon have direct bookings online. 

Do you use the eggs from your Chickens?

Yes! There is nothing better than a free range fresh egg from a happy chicken.

Would you accommodate a late check-in?

We respectfully request that you keep us apprised of your travel plans so that we can welcome you appropriately. 

Did you decorate the B&B yourselves?

Yes. We have a love and deep appreciation for Art, home decor and old funky finds. Our home and B&B reflects that.

Do you have formal training in the kitchen?

No, we just enjoy experimenting and LOVE food almost as much as we love art. 

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