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Hello World! Jamie here.

140 miles west of where I THOUGHT I was meant to be.

This time last year I was sitting in a house we had hoped to make ours, living a completely different life. I shared a successful Cabinet Painting Business with my Children, had opened a sweet little shop on our property and was working on creating a magical event space. Everything was well in my magical bubble. It hadn’t occurred to me that in 2 short months we were going to turn everything upside down – for a house.

This house. Built in 1852 by the Tolley Family, this 170 year old beauty had our hearts immediately. I felt like a child exploring all the rooms, discovering where all the doors led and dreaming about what our life would be like here.

From June to August we finished up our Cabinet Projects, closed up our business(es), packed up our belongings and headed to Lexington. LOL - rolling that all up into one sentence sure makes it sound easy – if only it was. On top of all that action we went and topped it off with a cherry and opened our new home as a Bed & Breakfast hosting our first guest August 3rd. No one ever described the Mr and I as half ass-ers. Having said that though, we quickly realized that the house we derailed our lives for, we didn’t want to share with others.

Buh-bye Bed & Breakfast, hello ‘now what’?

So here I am, 1 year and 140 miles from the life I knew wondering what in the world am I going to do now. Good thing I love this house.

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